Lee Jong Suk Reveals How He Prepared For His Villain Role In Upcoming Movie “Decibel”

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Actor Lee Jong Suk has shared his thoughts on how he worked on playing the villain role and more at the press conference of “Decibel”!

Lee Jong Suk is coming back to the screen with the movie “Decibel,” his first in five years after “VIP” in 2017. Attention is focusing on whether the popularity of the MBC drama “Big Mouse,” which ended with the highest viewer rating of 13.7%, will be shifted to the theater screen.

Lee Jong Suk plays the role of a navy captain who is involved with an organization that sets off a series of bombings in the center of the city in a movie to be released on November 16. It presents a thrilling tension by drawing a tense confrontation with Kim Rae Won, a former vice-captain of the Navy who is trying to prevent terrorism. In particular, at the beginning of the film, only a voice appears, threatening Kim Rae Won, and gradually making him tighten his breath.

On the afternoon of November 7, at the press preview held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, he expressed his thoughts about how he worked on the role,

I tried to exclude emotions while acting this character until the character’s appearance was revealed. I discussed a lot with the director on how to express the character since his tone was specific, but I think he was expressed well enough to not reveal who he was. “

In dramas, justified character and romance acting are mainly performed by him, but in movies, he plays villains one after another and continues to try to change his image. He played the role of a psychopath killer in “VIP” and challenged the villain role for the first time since his debut, and in “Witch Part 2: The Other One” in June, he played a superpower guy chasing after the experimenter “Girl” who escaped the laboratory, showing off his strong presence.

Expectations are also rising for the differentiated villain actor Lee Jong Suk will draw amid outstanding performances of villain characters by actors such as Son Suk Ku, a murderer in “Criminal City 2,” and Byun Yo Han who played a Japanese general in “Hansan: Rising Dragon” and Im Siwan who played a psychopath terrorist in “Emergency Declaration,” respectively.

Lee Jong Suk said,

There is sadness at the bottom. I acted thinking that I was a person who was not conscious of being a villain and had a compressed complex feeling.”

Are you excited to see him in a villain role again?

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