Lee Jong Suk Begins Filming For “Hymn Of Death” To Be Joined By Shin Hye Sun Later

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Actor Lee Jong Suk has finally begun filming “Hymn Of Death,” his upcoming short drama. He will be joined by Shin Hye Sun later as he’s currently filming for scenes centered around other cast members.

Hymn of Death” is a two part series that tells the story of Korea’s first soprano Yun Sim Deok, the drama was named “Hymn of Death” after her most popular songs. It will differ from the previous musical and film adaptation and focus on the tragic love story between Yun Sim Deok and playwright Kim Woo Jin, it will also be focusing on the work of Kim Woo Jin, something that hasn’t been focused much on before.

Lee Jong Suk is taking on the role of Kim Woo Jin, the genius playwright. He is appearing in the drama without receiving a guaranteed fee.

Shin Hye Sun is playing the role of the female lead in the upcoming drama. She will play the role of Yun Sim Deok, the first Korean female soprano.

It will be directed by PD Park Soo Jin who previously worked on many hit dramas such as “Doctors” and “While You Were Asleep.”

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