Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Yu Hwa And More Decide Not To Receive Additional Fees For “River Where The Moon Rises” Re-Filming

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“River Where The Moon Rises” is receiving praise for their decision to not take additional fees for the re-filming of “River Where The Moon Rises”!

Previously, actor Ji Soo was dropped from the drama following the serious bullying allegations made against him. At the time, it was revealed that Ji Soo had filmed about 95% of his role which put the production team behind “River Where The Moon Rises” in a very difficult position.

“River Where The Moon Rises” production team then hired Na In Woo and revealed their plans to re-film his scenes, and since it’s such a huge blow to the production, it meant that many scenes would have to be re-filmed again. This also meant that the actors had to be paid for the scenes they’d re-shoot since they’ve already completed the original shooting and these will be additional re-shoots. This would mean many financial losses to the production company as well.

On March 8, it was revealed that Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Yu Hwa, Wang Bit Na, and Ki Eun Se have decided not to accept re-shooting fees. The actors revealed that it wasn’t due to the PD’s suggestion but something they decided to do.

K-netizens are praising the actors for being selfless and helping out the production team during such difficult time.

Meanwhile, Na In Woo is set to make his appearance as On Dal in tonight’s episode of “River Where The Moon Rises.”

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  1. It will be very difficult to keep 20 episodes, there is a lot to re-film. They won’t be able to keep the same level of quality either I am afraid. But if this is all unavoidable, I’d prefer that they will make Lee Ji Hoon the main male lead. They won’t do it of course because of how k-dramas are written which is a pity.

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