Lee Je Hoo Confirmed To Appear In “Big Bet” Season 2

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Lee Je Hoon will make a surprise appearance in Season 2 of “Big Bet”.

Disney+ said on February 17th, “Lee Je Je Hoon will make a surprise appearance in Season 2 of “Big Bet”.” Actor Lee Je Hoon has recently been loved for his role in the drama “Taxi Driver” following the films “The Watchman”, “Park Yeol”, “I Can Speak” and the Netflix series “Move to Heaven.” He will appear as a person who forms a strange relationship with Cha Moo Sik. Detailed roles and activities will be revealed at a later date.

It is expected that the meeting between Choi Min Sik and Lee Je Hoon will generate a hot reaction. Expectations are high on what kind of synergy the two people will show off in the drama.

Season 2 of “Big Bet”, which was released earlier, followed the shocking ending of Season 1, which ended with Seo Tae Seok pointing a gun at the head of Cha Mu Sik. Not only did Cha Moo Sik form a confrontational relationship with Seo Tae Seok, Choi Dae Pyo, and Jo Young Sa gathered together with Jin Young Hee to start a plot, and a new foreshadowing was revealed. Here, another crisis was revealed when Cha Moo Sik stopped Oh Seung Hoon of the Korean Desk, raising questions about future developments.

Season 2 of “Big Bet” is the story of Cha Moo Sik, a casino legend, facing a crisis, and starting to make the last bet of his life against the relentless pursuit of Korean desk Oh Seung Hoon. Season 2 has released episodes 1 to 3 on February 15th, and then one episode will be released every Wednesday. All episodes of Season 1 are available on Disney+ right now.


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