Lee Eun Saem, Lee Jong Hyuk And More Join Red Velvet’s Yeri For Upcoming High School Drama

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Actors Lee Eun Saem, Red Velvet’s Yeri, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Yoo Jung Hoo have confirmed their appearances in the new drama “Cheongdam International High School.”

“Cheongdam International High School” is a drama that depicts what happens after Kim Hye In who belongs to an unprivileged background, is the only witness to the murder of a high school girl, transfers to Cheongdam International High School, where everyone envies her, and meets Baek Je Na, the leading suspect of the murder and the queen of Diamond 6. The competition between Kim Hye In and Baek Je Na, who will not do anything to protect themselves, is a key point to watch.

Actress Lee Eun Saem will play the role of Kim Hye In, the only witness to the murder at Cheongdam International High School and comes from a poor family and gets a chance to enter the school in exchange for her silence. Kim Hye In is a person who takes the opportunity given to her even if she feels guilty about her greed.

Red Velvet’s Yeri will play the role of Baek Je Na, the queen of Diamond 6, the highest class at Cheongdam International High School. Je Na is a person who is disgusted with the children who came into the school through the equal opportunity system, and she is planning to put dramatic tension in the drama to keep transfer student Kim Hye In under check.

Lee Jong Hyuk will take on the role of Seo Do Eon, the king of Diamond 6. Seo Do Eon is the son of the president of Cheongdam International High School. Also, he has been friends with Baek Je since he was young. Kim Hye In, the only witness to the murder, will be approached by him to make the relationship between the characters exciting.

Yoo Jung Hoo will play the role of So Mang belonging to rich family. With his amazing information-finding power, he is raising expectations since he will be a helper who is interested in Kim Hye In, who wants to get even the power of Baek Je Na.

Meanwhile, “Cheongdam International High School,” which raises expectations with the meeting of actors who are attracting attention for their strong presence in various works, aims to air in 2023.

Are you excited to see them in this drama?

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