Lee Dong Wook Claps Back At Rude ‘Fan’ Who Asked Him To Keep Quiet While Chatting With Other Fans On A Paid Messaging App

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Actor Lee Dong Wook was mistreated by some malicious ‘fans’ while having private chats on an online community.

On September 12, an article was posted on the online community UNIVERSE, titled, “A subscriber who sent rude messages to Lee Dong Wook.”

In the article, it is shown that Lee Dong Wook received messages from a malicious fan rudely asking him to stay quiet while privately chatting with his fans, that fan wrote, “I’m annoyed that I got an alarm when I was doing something important. Please be quiet.

In response, Lee Dong Wook said, “Why did you even subscribe…”

Lee Dong Wook got embarrassed because of this incident and when his fans comforted him, he then wrote, “There are so many people who cheer for me, wait for me, and blindly like me, What am I doing right now, let’s get a grip, I’m doing a happy job.”

Other netizens who saw Lee Dong Wook’s private messages said, “There are many people like that when idols use V-app,” “These fans do that on purpose to get attention,” and “I seriously hate seeing that kind of messages.”

What do you think about this?

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  1. I find this behaviour simply miserable. The actors take the time to talk to their fans personally. Why do these supposed fans register on such platforms in the first place? No one has to put up with this behaviour. I wish Lee Dong Wook strong nerves, he should please not take this talk to heart. 99% of the fans are on his side.

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