Lee Da Hee And Choi Siwon’s Upcoming Drama Unveils Fascinating Main Poster

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ENA’s upcoming drama “Frozen Love” starring Choi Siwon and Lee Da Hee, has unveiled its main poster.

On September 19, ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Frozen Love” unveiled its main poster.

ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Frozen Love” is a real-life romance in which 20-year-old best friends Yeo Reum and Jae Hoon unexpectedly meet as a producer and a cast member of crazy love reality show and start to have unexpected love feelings.

Lee Da Hee plays Koo Yeo Reum who has been an entertainment producer for 10 years who is desperate for work and dating. Koo Yeo Reum is a person who burns her passion by directing the crazy love reality show “Kingdom of Love” in a desperate crisis where the program is abolished her working on it.

Choi Siwon plays Park Jae Hoon, a plastic surgery doctor who has lost interest in his work and dating, and a neighborhood classmate. Park Jae Hoon is a neighborhood friend who lives in Koo Yeo Reum’s downstairs floor and lives together, and he is at a crossroads in his life after deciding to appear in “Kingdom of Love” to help Koo Yeo Reum. 

The main poster released for “Frozen Love” features the moment of Koo Ye Reum and Park Jae Hoon who are best friends for the past 20 years, sitting side by side on the sofa while eating drinks and snacks. The comfort of only old relationships is felt through their comfortable clothes, posture, and disorganized surroundings, but the closed space of the house and the distance between the two creates a strange tension.

In particular, Park Jae Hoon was seen looking straight indifferently, putting his arms behind Koo Ye Reum’s shoulders, and Koo Ye Reum was seen looking sideways while eating popcorn as if she were nervous.

In addition, lines showing their real feelings “I actually wanted to do it,” which perfectly contradicts the cynical title of “Frozen Love,” is added, drawing smiles from viewers. Expectations are growing for the story to unfold, whether there will be a sudden love-like atmosphere between long-time best friends who have always thought they were friends.

The production team said, “The combination of Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon’s visual chemistry, as well as their acting, will be a point to watch. “Frozen Love” is a fresh romantic comedy that will solve sincere concerns about work and love of a similar age in a pleasant and fun way.”

Meanwhile, “Frozen Love” will premiere at 9 p.m. on October 5.

Are you excited about this drama?

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