Lee Da Hae Signs With New Agency

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Actress Lee Da Hae has signed an exclusive contract with K-Star Global ENT.

On March 6, K-Star Global ENT said, “We will do our best as a reliable partner so that actor Lee Da Hae, who has an attractive visual, unique ambiance, and a wide acting range, can show off her capabilities in various areas.”

Since her debut in 2002, Lee Da Hae has shown her extraordinary presence by appearing in dramas including “Heaven’s Fate” “My Girl,” “East of Eden,” “The Slave Hunters,” and “IRIS 2.” Lee Da Hae, who built her own image with her unrivaled character immersion and solid acting skills, was also active in China and showed an intelligent side with her fluent Chinese skills. Attention is focused on what activities Lee Da Hae, who has become a global beauty icon that captivates China beyond Korea, will continue in the future in partnership with K-Star Global ENT.

Meanwhile, K-Star Global ENT, which signed an exclusive contract with Lee Da Hae, includes various talented actors such as Kim Jung Nan, Lee Pil Mo, Jung Sun Kyung, Jang Shin Young, Kang Kyung Joon, Ha Hae Eun, Jeon Young Mi, and Ok Jin Wook.

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