Lee Beom Soo Found Not Guilty Of Power Abuse + Resigns From The University To Focus On Acting

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Actor Lee Beom Soo, who was embroiled in the controversy over ‘abuse of power using his professorship’, announced through an official position that the audit result was ‘unconfirmed’. He made it clear that he would give up his professorship and devote himself to acting.

In December of last year, the author, who identified himself as a student of Shinhan University’s Performing Arts department, posted on a community site that “Lee Beom Soo divided the students into rich and poor classes, and discriminated against poor class students in auditions, etc.” In response, Lee Beom Soo’s explained, “I have never discriminated against students or used abusive language. Other allegations are groundless.” In the meantime, he said that he would diligently participate in the audit conducted by the school and reveal his innocence.

After the controversy erupted, Shinhan University conducted its own audit, and earlier this year, Lee Beom Soo was dismissed as the dean of the Department of Performing Arts. His professorship was retained, but Lee Beom Soo himself submitted a letter of resignation.

There were some netizens who were skeptical about this process, but Lee Beom Soo explained the reason for submitting his resignation, saying that since his next work, such as a movie and OTT series, was scheduled, he had been concentrating on his main job as an actor for the time being. Then, he made it clear that he would take a strong stance against those who spread rumors again without confirming the facts.

The following is the official statement sent by Lee Beom Soo’s agency:


This is actor Lee Beom Soo’s agency.

The controversy related to professor Lee Beom Soo at Shinhan University, which started with an unidentified report, was not confirmed despite a multilateral investigation within the school, and as a result of the investigation by the student council dedicated TF, it was confirmed that there was no additional damage statement.

Since the establishment of Shinhan University in 2012, Lee Beom Soo has done his best as a professor, establishing the curriculum of the newly established Department of Performing Arts and recording a 50:1 competition rate for the past 8 years as the dean of the department. However, over the past four months or so, he has been faithfully responding to the school’s gratitude by silently enduring rumors and false facts that have been indiscriminately re-spread with one blind tip-off. During the audit process, Lee Beom Soo confirmed that the report itself was false and announced his intention to resign from the school. The school also accepted his resignation because there was no procedural problem. The damage caused by unconfirmed blind reports went back to Shinhan University, students, and Lee Beom Soo.

Lee Beom Soo is scheduled to film his next movie, as well as activities due to the release of movies and OTT series. Through an internal meeting, he made a prudent decision that it would be desirable to focus on his main job as an actor for the time being.

Attorneys Kim and Jeon of YK Law Firm who have been with Lee Beom Soo since the beginning of the case will continue to take strong action against those who spread rumors again without confirming the facts. The agency will also actively respond to speculation related to this matter.

Please give a lot of interest and affection to actor Lee Beom Soo’s activities.

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