LA City Council Declares September 17 As Squid Game Day

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The LA City Council declared September 17 every year as “Squid Game Day” with Korean creators on September 9.

Squid Game Day was established to commemorate the influence of Korean works on American pop culture, along with Netflix’s best box office work “Squid Game” spreading Korean culture and tradition.

This is the first time that the LA City Council has established a day to honor a Korean work.

Netflix’s Korean series “Squid Game” was the first non-English-speaking production to receive 13 nominations including a total of 14 nominations, including the Emmy Award’s Best Drama Series.

On September 4, “Squid Game” achieved the feat of winning four categories for the first time in non-English-speaking works such as fox guest, visual effect, stunt, and production design.

In addition, the Prime-Time Emmy Awards will be held on September 12 and the drama is nominated for six categories including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Lee Jung Jae), Best Supporting Actor (Park Hae Soo and Oh Young Soo), and Best Supporting Actress (Jung Ho Yeon).

Squid Game Day was designated as the date when the work was first released around the world through Netflix.

The event was held at LA City Hall in time for the first anniversary of the release of the squid game and the 74th Emmy Awards.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk, actor Lee Jung Jae, and Kim Ji Yeon, CEO of the production company Siren Pictures, participated in the event.

Major figures, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee, were also present.

As a result, the “Squid Game” became the first Korean content officially established by the LA City Council.

“Squid Game” Oh Young Soo won the Best Supporting Actor Award (TV drama category) for the first time in Korea at the Golden Globe, one of the two major film awards in the U.S.

He also won the world’s leading awards, including the American Actor Association Award (SAG) and the Critics Choice Awards in the US.

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