Lee Da In’s Mother Kyeon Mi Ri Releases Further Statement Via Her Legal Rep, Promises Strict Legal Action If False Rumors Continue To Spread

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After giving an interview to media outlet The Fact, actress Kyeon Mi Ri’s legal rep has issued another statement that basically reiterates the points she’s made in that interview and promises strict legal action if the defamation online does not stop.

On February 17, The Fact reported an exclusive interview with Kyeon Mi Ri, in the interview, the actress sets the record 13 years after the initial issues began. You can read it here.

After the announcement of her daughter, actress Lee Da In‘s marriage to singer and actor Lee Seung Gi on February 7th, Internet users voiced criticism over the actor’s marriage to a daughter of a family whose father is known as a criminal.

The legal firm Daeho, representing Kyeon Mi Ri stated that they felt deeply sorry to have to convey such a position and that they were doing so to correct misinformation that had reached an irreparable level of dissemination.

They emphasized that Kyeon Mi Ri and her husband were victims of a multi-level scam incident, and that they had no involvement in the LUBO stock manipulation case, which affected over 300,000 victims, including some who had taken their own lives.

Additionally, the legal representative stated that reports that Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband had taken 26.6 billion won from Corebit’s paid-in capital and used it to pay off personal debts were false. They confirmed that Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband had borrowed 500 million won in the past, but had paid it back a few months later, and had not accumulated any personal wealth using Corebit’s money.

They added, “The report that Kyeon Mi Ri’s house in Hannam-dong was prepared with the proceeds of crime, and that her family is enjoying good life without guilt with the money, is not true at all.” Daeho’s side explained, “The house in question was built at the end of 2006 by Kyeon Mi Ri by purchasing land, and the source of the house’s funds was the income generated by her 30-year acting career at the time.”

In addition, Daeho expresses regret for false information in various sources and requests the removal and correction of related content. It warns that if not corrected, legal action will be taken.

Daeho added “We would like to say that Kyeon Mi Ri has a regretful heart for conveying this position once again. We will not tolerate it any longer, and we will correct the parts that are not true to the end with a stern response.”

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