Kyeon Mi Ri Attempts To Correct The Record About Husband’s Past Controversies In Response To Malicious Comments About Daughter Lee Da In And Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship

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After the announcement of her daughter, actress Lee Da In‘s marriage to singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, actress Kyeon Mi Ri confessed her feelings about the spread of controversy surrounding her father (Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband) and malicious comments.

On February 17th, The Fact reported an exclusive interview with Kyeon Mi Ri, in the interview, the actress sets the record 13 years after the initial issues began.

Regarding the background of the interview with The Fact, Kyeon Mi Ri said, “I admit that there was a possibility of misunderstanding, but there are many distorted facts.” She said, “I courageously asked everyone for forgiveness as I saw the absurd stories mixed up and reproduced more and more.”

Earlier, actor Lee Seung Gi announced his marriage to Lee Da In on February 7th. However, Internet users voiced criticism over the actor’s marriage to a daughter of a family whose father is known as a criminal.

In response to The Fact’s statement, ‘You must have had a hard time with the uncomfortable controversy ahead of your child’s marriage, you took a difficult step.’ She said, “I thought it would subside. I didn’t know it would last like a nightmare for this long, I thought it was right, to tell the truth once and for all.”

Kyeon Mi Ri then said, “The ‘Naero Nambul’, which is pointed out intensively, is about whether the family has taken unfair advantage.” When asked to explain the whereabouts of 26.6 billion won that her husband used to pay for the paid-in capital increase in the past, she said, “He made an unfair profit from false disclosure, which is company money that cannot be spent on individuals or families. It was all explained during the trial.”

At the same time, she responded to The Fact’s statement, ‘Wasn’t he tried for another case? It seems that negative images are building up due to similar controversies being repeated.’ She responded with, “The part about making a profit by selling is different from reality. Please forgive me for not being able to explain everything right now.”

In particular, she also explained to some netizens who had a negative view of the family currently living in a luxurious house.

Regarding the luxury house in Hannam-dong, which has become a hot topic online, she emphasized, “To be clear, the house in Hannam-dong where I live now was bought with the money I earned,” and “I have not received any financial help from my husband.”

In addition, the actress said about Lee Da In’s post on Instagram in the past, “The TV was bought at E-Mart for 490,000 won,” adding, “I bought it for my daughters because they needed a TV to monitor while acting, but the timing and method of posting were not appropriate. If those who saw it were uncomfortable, I would like to apologize for it now.”

Kyeon Mi Ri told The Fact, “I didn’t know that the hateful image once put on would last this long. As we have done so far, I and my daughters can take anything within the boundaries of family, but I am so sorry and hard that the aftermath extends to Seung Gi, who will become a new family member.” She also said, “I want to honestly ask for forgiveness and shake it off with the heart of a confession.”


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