Kwon Sang Woo, Im Se Mi, And Sang Dong Il Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Comedy Drama

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Kwon Sang Woo, Im Se Mi, and Sang Dong Il have been confirmed to star in wavve’s upcoming drama “X of Crisis”!

“X of Crisis” is a drama that is based on a book titled “It Hurts Because I’m a Middle-Aged Man,” it is a real-life cataclysm comedy-drama that tells the story of “Mr. a,” who experiences stock crashes, housing price surges, and the possibility of resignation all at the same time. Although he was proud of his successful life, it all goes downhill from there when he faces direct blows from life as time passes. This realistic drama with a comedy twist will entertain viewers and give them a story to relate to.

Kwon Sang Woo will play Mr. a, who thought he had a successful life with many chances to come only to be hit with the reality of his worsening situation. He graduated from a prestigious university and worked in a large company. However, this all changes as his state gets worse and he goes from being rich to poor after facing direct hits from life. He is pretentious but an affectionate man, viewers will be able to see this character grow as he begins to rebuild his life.

Im Se Mi will play Mr. a’s wife, she is his soulmate who has always dreamt of becoming a popular web novel writer. She always inspires her husband with her positive energy and support him through his ups and downs in life. she is a hot-tempered person who is one minute extremely affectionate and kind to her husband and the next she is boiling with anger.

Sung Dong Il will play Heo Joon, the doctor at the local hospital. He always quarrels with the patients with his tired expression and cool attitude, but in reality, he is the most caring among everyone. He always hits Mr. a with realistic and blunt remarks, but he also gives him heartwarming advices when it is needed.

“X of Crisis” is set to premiere in the second half of 2022.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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