Kwak Si Yang Drops Out Of Upcoming Weekend Drama, Here’s Why

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Actor Kwak Si Yang got off the weekend drama “The real one appeared!”

Star News reported on December 21st that Kwak Si Yang decided to leave KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama “The real one appeared!”, in which he was cast as the male lead.

The decision to get off was made unavoidably due to the movie schedule. Kwak Si Yang has been cast as the male lead in the movie “Desperate Pursuit” and started filming on December 19th. Prior to filming “The real one appeared!”, Kwak Si Yang’s agency decided to get off to avoid damaging the drama.

Both parties reached an amicable agreement regarding this departure. In particular, Kwak Si Yang said that he felt sorry for being forced to leave due to schedule problems. As it was his first starring role in a KBS weekend drama, he said he felt more regret than anyone else. Kwak Si Yang had been cast as Gong Tae Gyeong, an obstetrician and gynaecologist in the drama

Due to Kwak Si Yang’s departure, “The real one appeared!” production said that they are looking for an actor to replace Kwak Si Yang. As filming of some of the characters is in progress, the production company and KBS plan to continue filming after completing the casting of an actor to replace Kwak Si Yang as soon as possible.

“The real one appeared!” is a drama about the relationship between a single mother and an unmarried man surrounding a real baby in the belly, and the family’s growing up to be reborn as ‘Avengers’ through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Baek Jin Hee has been cast as the female lead. It is scheduled to be broadcast first in 2023, following “Three Siblings Bravely”.


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