Korean Actress Kwak Jin Young Hospitalized After A Suicide Attempt

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Korean Actress Kwak Jin Young has been reportedly hospitalized after attemping to take her own life.

According to Kwak Jin Young’s acquaintances, the actress was taken to a hospital in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, where her Kimchi company is located. She was rushed to the ER two days ago and regained her consciousness on January 1st.

Korean Actress Kwak Jin Young has debuted as an actress through MBC’s open recruitment period in 1991. She appeared in various dramas such as ‘Eyes of Dawn’ in 1991, ‘Son and Daughter’ in 1992, ‘Love in Your Embrace’ in 1994, and ‘Seoul Night Song’ in 1995.

Since 2019, she’s been the representative of a kimchi company named after her famous role in ‘Son and Daughter.’ She’s recently appeared on TV on SBS “Burning Youth.”

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  1. Suicide is not the best option in any situation. why would u want to kill yourself and spend eternity in hell. I agree this life ain’t easy but it will be better for us all in no time. Great accomplishments also have a story, so pls all let’s try to live one day at a time with prayers, love and faith knowing that everything will be fine. This Koreans should also be allowed to live their lives especially the artists to avoid more suicidal attempts. I love koreans❤️

  2. @Joy Diadem. How do you know suiciders will spend eternity in hell? God will decide. They choose suicide because they believe in reïncarnatian to start over. @Kwak Jin-Yeong, I’m your Unnie. A few years older than you. There is always a solution to every problem. Get up and start again. You don’t have to die, to be reborn to start all over. You have your “positive” fans who will stay with you all the way. Never give up hope.

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