Ku Hye Sun Says She Thought Ahn Jae Hyun Was Joking When He Requested Divorce + Felt Hatred And Betrayed By Him

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Ku Hye Sun has gone on TV for the first time following her divorce news with Ahn Jae Hyun. She went into details about the controversy and how it affected her, she also explained some of her decisions during that time.

Ku Hye Sun appeared on February 5 episode of “Night of Real Entertainment,” she was interviewed on a day she was volunteering to help rescue dogs; she revealed she had trouble sleeping the night before.

Ku Hye Sun revealed that people around her were worried about her and advised her not to do interviews, but she decided to talk to SBS. She says considering her history and family, she has no one to rely on and she came to rely on the public when it happened,

“I’ve been thinking about how childish I was and was embarrassed. If I had caused people to feel tired, then I am sorry about that. I wanted to explain if there may have been any misunderstandings. When I look back, I did what I did because I thought it was the best thing then, when you’re angry, you don’t see anything ahead of you.”

When the interviewer pointed out that such matters would be addressed through celebrities agencies, Ku Hye Sun stated that they shared the same agency and it was because of the ongoing issue with her current agency. She says has Ahn Jae Hyun had worked with them for a long time; it wasn’t a situation where she could put out a press release through the agency,

“Because of my feelings then, I wanted to hang on to anything even if it meant everything was revealed.”

Ku Hye Sun then explained that she legitimately thought Ahn Jae Hyun was kidding when he asked for divorce and felt a great sense of betrayal because she put so much emotion into her marriage. She also said she felt hatred and angry when she found out he wasn’t kidding.

When the interviewer asked why she put everything on social media, Ku Hye Sun explained that she didn’t care if she was a celebrity and wanted to express her anger,

“I used all means available, although it was foolish of me.”

Ku Hye Sun also explained why she had stopped posting about her divorce on social media, she says it was after Ahn Jae Hyun releasing their text messages (through Dispatch) that she realized she was never going to win,

“Couples talk a lot during the two years together. But when you pick our fights and edit them together to the public, they’ll think ‘oh, Ku Hye Sun’s nuts.’ If I were to continue wouldn’t it meant that I would have to fight dirtier? So I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to gown down that direction, and my parents were also worried.”

She says she put up a struggle because she didn’t want to divorce him, she also revealed that she hasn’t contacted Ahn Jae Hyun not even once since it began.

Ku Hye Sun says she’s putting everything behind her and will focus on bettering herself, she says she’s going straight to London to study language and is applying to return to school as well.

You can check out he full interview here.

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