Amazon Prime Video Begins Partnership With KT Studio Genie To Supply K-content Starting With “Look! Deborah” Starring Yoo In Na

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KT Studio Genie will start a partnership with the video streaming platform of Amazon, Prime Video with the upcoming romantic comedy-drama “Look! Deborah” airing on it.

On February 27, KT Studio Genie announced that they have signed a global content supply contract with the Amazon video streaming platform, Prime Video. It is the first worldwide collaboration with Amazon Prime Video for KT Studio Genie and the third global exclusive supply contract for Korean content of Amazon Prime Video.

“Look! Deborah” is a romantic comedy about Deborah (Yoo In Na), a love coach and Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min), a chic man, who finds it difficult to fall in love and Sang Jin (Joo Sang Wook),” a publisher who pursues an unlimitedly light relationship. Pushing, pulling, chewing, biting, tasting, and enjoying love are relatable to viewers and will excite them.

The work, planned by KT Studio Genie and produced by Poongnyeon Radio Award and Oz Arena, has been directed by director Lee Tae Gon, who directed “Crazy X In The District,” “Civil War Of The Prosecutor” and “Age Of Youth” series, and writer Ah kyung, who was recognized for his witty writing skills.

KT Studio Genie will be available in Korea and globally through the ENA channel and Amazon Prime Video in April. Yoon Sang Il, head of KT Studio Genie’s overseas business team, said, “We are happy that KT Studio Genie will form a worldwide partnership with Amazon Prime Video. We hope to introduce many good contents through Amazon Prime Video targeting the global market in the future.”

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