Korean Actress Assaults A 60 Year Old Taxi Driver And A Police Officer, Steps Down From Drama

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Korean actress Han Ji Sun (26 years old) has been fined 5 million won (around $4200) and a year of probation for obstruction of justice.

According to news outlet Channel A, the incident happened back in September of 2018. The actress had gotten on a taxi intoxicated in front of a movie theatre in Gangnam and then preceded to hit the taxi driver who is 61 years old.

She slapped his face and hit his head with a thermos. She also caused a scene claiming the driver wasn’t going the direction she wanted.

Channel A released the report on May 23rd and even spoke to the taxi driver who expressed his disappointment and shed more light on the incident, he says that she dropped the honorifics (respectful formal speech), he says she cursed and started beating him and used extreme vulgar language.

The violence does not stop here, she also acted violently in the police station and proceeded to slap the police officer’s face (the one who escorted her to the station), she also bit another officer arm and kicked their leg.

The taxi driver told Channel A that he has not received an apology from her and that he’s upset that a woman who’s as young as his children would behave this way.

Her agency has issued an apology since then and says the actress is reflecting on her actions, they stated they tried to contact the driver but couldn’t find his contact. They had released the apology statement after Channel A report which exposed the actress acknowledging their shortcomings in managing their artist and promised to be more careful in the future.

Since then, she stepped down from the currently airing drama SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” to self-reflect as a public figure.

SBS promised to minimize her appearance in the drama but since she played an integral supporting role, she might still appear in some scenes where it’s crucial to have her character. That’s because the drama is partially pre-filmed and they had completed many scenes and re-shooting is going to be extremely difficult.

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