Which Korean Actor Rejected The Hit Drama Writer Kim Eun Sook Most?

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Writer Kim Eun Sook finally revealed the one male Korean actor who kept rejecting offers to be in a drama written by her.

On September 6, writer Kim Eun Sook sat down for a talk show along with “Signal” writer Kim Eun Hee to talk about their successful dramas and much more.

She talked about what goes on behind the scenes when trying to cast actors for her dramas, she said,

“I also get rejected a lot, but when an actor comes to me eventually, I love the actor as a character. I think only think of the actor with all my heart. Whether it was a female or a male. Once the drama is over I wish them the best with all my heart.”

MC Kim Tae Hoon who was in charge of MCing the event then asked her which actor rejected her the most, she answered,

“The actor who rejected me the most was Gong Yoo. But I eventually came to work with him in ‘Goblin’, I took a look at the scenes we shot and I felt so proud. He was such a good actor.”

Writer Kim Eun Sook was behind many hit Korean dramas across the years, she wrote the hit drama “Goblin”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “The Heirs” and many more. The writer has already found her leading man for her next drama “Mr. Sunshine”, Lee Byung Hun will lead the drama which is scheduled to air some time next year.

It is worthy to note that Writer Kim Eun Sook revealed that she wanted Gong Yoo to play “Descendants of the Sun” lead character but he had declined.

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