Kim Young Kwang Talks About Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer And Why He Feels Sadness Because Of It

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Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young Kwang are both very good friends who are model-turned-actors, they with their group of other model friends like Lee Soo Hyuk, Song Joon and Hong Jong Hyun make a friends group that all fangirls love.

The actor sat down for an interview where he talked about his reaction to his friend’s illness and why he feels very bad because he is not able to be of much help.

Kim Woo Bin has halted all his activities following the cancer reveal to focus on his health and Kim Young Kwang talked about how worried he is, he said,

“I’m really worried! Its so sad that I cannot do anything as a friend to him during this difficult time.”

He then sent a message to his friend wishing him the best in recovery, saying,

“As a friend the only thing I can do is send a message of encouragement, I hope Woo Bin gets through this and I believe he will get better and come back and show us great projects again.”

The actor has recently finished his drama “Lookout” which gained positive reviews.

We wish Kim Woo Bin a speedy recovery!

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