Kim Yoo Jung Officially Declines School 2017 To Be Replaced By Gugdan’s Kim SeJeong

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We have finally found our leading lady for the beloved 2017 installment of School series and its not Kim Yoo Jung.

Previously, reports have stated that Kim Yoo Jung is looking into an offer to star in School 2017.

But it seems like they didn’t reach an agreement since her agency Sidus HQ released an official statement addressing the topic by stating that the actress turned down the offer and won’t be taking the role.

Shortly after the news of Kim Yoo Jung’s declining to star as the female lead in School 2017, it was confirmed that Gugdan’s Kim Sejeong is the our new female lead.

The happy news were confirmed by Kim Sejeong’s agency Jellyfish entertainment.

She will be taking on the role of Ra Eun Ho a very cheerful high schooler who dreams of attending a prestigious university to date her first love, despite the fact that her grades are below average.

The production of School 2017 released an official statement confirming the news saying:

“Kim Sejeong’s leadership and lively personality suits Ra Eun Ho’s character perfectly. Each meeting with Kim Sejeong felt like we were meeting Ra Eun Ho in real life.”

The production team also asked the viewers for their support regarding the new upcoming drama set to air in July following “Fight My Way”.

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