Kim Yoo Jung Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism, To Cancel All Activities In Awake Of Health Issues

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Beloved actress Kim Yoo Jung worried fans earlier today when various reports stated that the actress will be receiving thyroid surgery and taking a break to recover.

Following the reports, her agency released an initial comment, denying that the actress is receiving a surgery, but has indeed visited the hospital due to exhaustion and tiredness. She was revealed to have problem with thyroid function.

The agency added,

“Its not severe enough to receive surgery, for now, she plans on focusing on recovering her health while receiving treatment.”

Following the agency’s initial statement, a source of her upcoming JTBC drama “Clean with Passion for Now” revealed that they’d be looking into the matter and check whether it would be possible to film or not given her current condition.

After Kim Yoo Jung’s agency initial statement, they came back with a more detailed official press release explaining what happened exactly. They revealed that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t work properly.

Here is the agency’s full statement,

“Kim Yoo Jung recently visited a doctor in the hospital after feeling bad during the drama shooting, and she received a specialist’s opinion and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, she is set to concentrate on treatment for now.

She decided to concentrate on the treatment following consultation with the production crew. She is going to shoot again with a healthy appearance after restoration because it is a work which has been prepared hard with deep affection and enthusiasm.

Finally, we would like to thank the people in the drama who understood the actress’s health as first priority, and coordinated the schedule accordingly, we also apologize to the people who have been waiting for the drama. Please give lots of support and encouragement so that Kim Yoo Jung can greet you again in good health.”

Meanwhile, JTBC drama “Clean with Passion for Now” which was scheduled to air in April, halted filming following Kim Yoo Jung’s sudden health scare.

Get well soon Kim Yoo Jung!

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My Thoughts

I am glad that they prioritize the sweet Yoo Jung’s health first. In many cases, kdrama actresses would delay their treatment to accommodate the shooting.

She is still young and it can become a serious problem, its best to wait and see how things go. I wish the cutie all the best~ get well soon Kim Yoo Jung. We will wait for you!

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