Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun Resolve Issue With Girlfriend’s Pregnancy, To Register The Child Under His Name

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The conflict between Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun [76] and his girlfriend [37] has come to an end.

Previously, Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun became the center of attention after it was reported that he’s gotten his girlfriend whom he’s been dating for 13 years pregnant.

He had reportedly met his girlfriend at a wrap-up party in 2008, she’s 39 years younger than him. They have been dating since then. In March of 2021, the girlfriend revealed she was pregnant with his child, he opposed the birth of the child, as a result, the girlfriend ended up filing a lawsuit against the actor for attempting to force an abortion. [which is illegal in South Korea]

Kim Yong Gun responded to the report and explained his side of the story and apologized.

On August 12, Kim Yong Gun’s representative law firm released his statement. In the statement, they revealed that the lawsuit has come to an end, the two had a conversation a couple of days ago. The actor reflects on how he wasn’t able to properly see how he must’ve hurt her and apologized to her once again.

Kim Yong Gun will do his best for his child and the mother-to-be, he’ll pay child support and actively asset her throughout her pregnancy. The girlfriend has withdrawn her lawsuit against him.

In his closing statement, the actor apologizes for disappointing his fans.

According to Dispatch reports, Kim Yong Gun has decided to register the baby under his name.

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