Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Gives More Updates On The Actor’s Condition Following Chemotherapy

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Kim Woo Bin’s agency finally gives an update on the actor’s condition, and assured fans he is doing better despite chemotherapy.

The actor’s shocking health scare news was released to the public back in May this year, it was revealed by his agency that he’s currently undergoing chemotherapy and has halted all his activities until he gets better.

The actor is currently suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, luckily the actor has passed and completed the first round of his chemotherapy.

In a phone call with Sports Kyunhyang, a source from SidusHQ (Kim Woo Bin’s agency) talked about the actor current status, he said cautiously since the actor status is still to be confirmed,

“Kim Wii Bin has finished the primary cancer treatment. The actor health improved enough that he able to exercise now. The first round of chemotherapy results will be out in mid-august, upon the results we will decide on his future plans and whether he’d have to take a second round of treatment.”

The source talked more about how the actor is doing right now, the source continued,

“Kim Woo Bin didn’t lose any hair or experience drastic changes in his physical appearance as a result of receiving chemotherapy. But the actor did lose about 10 Kgs (approx. 22 pounds). He is currently trying to maintain a body weight of 60 Kg range.”

The actor also revealed that the medicine helped him get better. His two younger sisters take care of him while Shin Min Ah helps out whenever she has no schedule.

Get well soon oppa!


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