Kim Tae Ri Reportedly Confirmed To Lead Popular Webtoon Based Drama

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Actress Kim Tae Ri has reportedly chosen the popular webtoon drama of the same name, “Jung Nyeon” centered on women’s narratives as her next work.

Following her appearance in screenwriter Kim Eun Hee’s SBS drama “The Devil,” which is scheduled to air next year, It has been reported that Kim Tae Ri recently confirmed her appearance in “Jung Nyeon,” signaling her hard work in 2023.

“Jung Nyeon” is a period drama set in 1950 that tells the story of Yoon Jung Nyeon, a girl from Mokpo who had nothing and learned nothing, entering a women’s Korean traditional theatre company because she wanted to become rich. Studio N has started producing a drama of a popular webtoon of the same name, which began serialization through Naver Webtoon in April 2019.

Kim Tae Ri will play the role of main character Yoon Jung Nyeon in “Jung Nyeon.” Yoon Jung Nyeon is a researcher at the Maeran Korean traditional theatre company where she learns Korean traditional opera to become rich. It is expected that a period drama centered on women’s narratives will be born, featuring Kim Tae Ri’s unique pleasant, and confident charm.

Above all, Namon, who was in charge of the creation of the webtoon “Jung Nyeon,” said that they completed the character by recalling Kim Tae Ri from the movie “The Handmaiden” at the time of Yoon Jung Nyeon’s initial image composition, and also completed “Dream Cast” after Kim Tae Ri, who emerged as the No. 1 virtual casting among fans, was reported to have confirmed her actual appearance.

Meanwhile, “Jung Nyeon” will be produced by Studio N, a subsidiary of Naver Webtoon, and will begin filming in the second half of next year after casting Kim Tae Ri and other main and supporting roles.

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