Kim Sung Chul Replaces Yoo Ah In In Second Season Of Netflix’s “Hellbound”+ Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Shin Rok And More To Reprise Their Roles

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Netflix’s original “Hellbound” has unveiled their season 2 casting lineup.

“Hellbound” tells the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the unannounced grim reapers of hell, and the revival of the religious group Saejinrihwe and those who want to reveal the truth of the incident. Season 2 depicts the story of Park Jung Ja and Jung Jin Soo, who were demonstrated after the shocking ending of Season 1.

Kim Hyun Joo returns to the role of Min Hye Jin, a lawyer who confronts the behaviour of fanatic group who follow Saejinrihwe and Jung Jin Soo, while Kim Sung Chul plays the first chairman Jung Jin Soo, who hid his hellish side to keep the doctrine of Saejinrihwe.

In season 1, Yoo Ah In played the role of Jung Jin Soo, but there has been a change in casting as Yoo Ah In is currently suspected of taking drugs.The first report of Kim Sung Chul taking on the role was reported earlier today, and since then, Netflix has officially confirmed he’s been cast to play the main leading role instead of Yoo Ah In drawing keen attention from netizens.

Kim Shin Rok, Lee Dong Hee, Yang Ik Joon and Lee Re, who play Chairman Park Jung Ja, Chairman Kim Jung Chil, Jin Kyung Hoon, and Jin Hee Jung, respectively will also appear in season 2 to portray the back stories of those who were at the center of chaos. New characters will also appear to add richness to the narrative. Yang Dong Geun and Min Hye Jin are the leaders who lead Sodo, and Lim Sung Jae appears as a member of Sodo who lost a precious person to the grim reaper of hell. Cho Dong In and special guest Moon Geun Young play the role of the leader of the arrowhead groups that leads supporters under the names of Pinwheel and Sunshine Class, respectively.

Previously, “Hellbound” Season 1 was released in November 2021 and received global popularity. As the season 2 lineup has been released, expectations are growing for the story after the first season.

Are you excited for the second season of “hellbound”?

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