Kim Sun Ho, Kang Han Na, Moon Ga Young And More In Talks For Season 2 Of “Waikiki,” What I Am Hoping For

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JTBC has had an amazing 2018, one of their first releases of 2018 was the hit comedy-drama “Waikiki,” a couple of months ago JTBC confirmed they’re preparing for season two of the drama.

They had revealed that the cast hasn’t been determined yet. The broadcast date is not confirmed yet but the drama plans on airing during the first half of 2019.

For the past couple of weeks, many actors were said to be in talks for the upcoming drama.

Rising actor Kim Sun Ho is in talks to lead the second season of the drama. His most recent appearance was in tvN’s hit drama “100 days my prince.” if he accepts the role it will be his first leading role in a cable broadcasting station.

He is personally one of my favorite rising actors; he has shown stable acting despite his short experience. I was hoping he would be able to snag a leading role in a drama soon.

I think he would be a great fit for the drama.

Lee Yi Kyung is also in talks for the second season, he was one of the main cast of the first season. Fans of the drama expressed their desire to see the cast reunite but considering the news going on right now, its likely that some of them might not be returning to reprise their roles for season two.

He is currently working on MBC’s upcoming drama “Children of Nobody” which he leads; I wonder whether he’ll be on board for the second season if he’ll play the second lead again.

It might be also difficult for him to balance his schedule since most likely he won’t be done with “Children of Nobody” until early next year.

Kang Han Na, one of my favorite underrated actresses, is also in positive talks for the drama, it hasn’t been revealed what type of role she’s been offered yet, but I am hoping she’s been offered the leading role because she deserves it.

Ahn So Hee, an idol-turned-actress, has also been offered a role; she’s also positively considering it. I am personally not a fan of her acting since I feel that its wishy-washy.

Sometimes she does well and other times she fails to bring the character to life. I don’t know if I can imagine her in a comedy role just yet. She has been mostly active in movies.

I have seen her in “Train to Busan,” I think she did very well in that role but I didn’t like her performance in “Entourage” alongside Seo Kang Joon at all! It might be that her resting-bitch face has something to do with it.

Moon Ga Young, my favorite child-turned-adult actress, has also been offered a role. Despite the extremely disappointing plot of “The Great Seducer” she pulled off an amazing performance in which she transferred from an innocent young actress to a mature woman.

I sincerely hope she’s been offered the leading role; I can’t wait to see how she tackles comedy. She’s been mostly active in heavy dramas with tense scripts so it will be interesting to see how well she can approach a comedic role.

Shin Hyun Soo has also been offered a role; I personally also think he’s underrated. It will be interesting if he picked the drama.

I haven’t checked out the first season since it comprised of actors I wasn’t personally a fan of, but if Kim Sun Ho confirms then I will most likely be anticipating the drama.

What do you guys personally think of the possible cast?

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