Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoo Ah, Shin Eun Jung And Yoo Sun Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Drama

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Actors Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoo Ah, Shin Eun Jung, and Yoo Sun have confirmed their appearance in Channel A’s new drama “Queen Of The Mask.”

“Queen Of The Mask” is a story about four friends who faced a whirlwind in their lives because of a man and the appearance of an old friend who became a murderer in front of three successful friends due to their lies 10 years ago, revealing the bare face that is hidden under the mask by starting a war of jealousy and desire.

Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoo Ah, Shin Eun Jung, and Yoo Sun will play Do Jae Yi, Yoo Yoo Na, Yoo Ju Jung and Yoon Hae Mi respectively, the four friends who have been hit by a whirlwind in their lives due to one man, creating a perfect acting chemistry that eyes cannot take off from.

Kim Su Ah will play the role of Do Jae Yi, a big celebrity human rights lawyer who defends the weak. Do Jae Yi is an ambitious person who is in charge of fixing the dirty deeds made by the head of Tongju city and has secured a position as a successor mayor. She, who previously led dramas with her charisma such as “The Empire,” “Secret Boutique,” “Should We kiss first?” and “The Lady In Dignity,” is expected to once again dominate the small screen through “Queen Of The Mask.”

Oh Yoon Ah plays the role of Yoo Na, who is entangled in a murder case that took place 10 years ago and has led a turbulent life. Yoo Yoo Na seems to be regaining happiness by settling as a family in the United States after being entangled in a murder case, but she returns to find her missing daughter and uses her friends who abandoned her 10 years ago. Attention is focused to how Oh Yoon Ah, who has shown perfect acting of characters in various works such as “Once Again,” “A Pledge To God,” and “Yeonnam-dong 539” will portray Yoo Na in “Queen Of The Mask.”

Shin Eun Jung plays Yoo Ju Jung, chairman of the Youngwoon Arts Foundation, in the “Queen Of The Mask.” Yoo Ju Jung faces a series of difficulties ahead of her marriage with a man who appeared in front of her just before she was struggling with frustrations. Expectations are high on how she will show off her charm in “Queen Of The Mask,” who boasted a wide spectrum of acting regardless of genre and roles in “Navillera,” “Lawless Lawyer,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “Bad Thief, Good Thief.”

Yoo Sun will play the role of Yoon Hae Mi in the drama and portray a fresh character with her personality. Yoon Hae Mi is the first vice president of Mariana Hotel where she was a regular employee and has the personality of getting everything she wants. Following “Eve,” “Move To Heaven,” “Hush,” and “Mother of Mine,” attention is focused on her colorful performance in “Queen Of The Mask.”

Meanwhile, “Queen Of The Mask” is a new work by director Kang Ho Joong and writer Lim Do Wan and is scheduled to air on Channel A in the first half of the year.

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