Kim So Hyun Talks About How Yoo Seung Ho Helped Her During Kiss Scene Filming

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“Ruler: Master Of The Mask” wrapped up filming a long time ago and aired its final episode last Thursday.

The young star of the show sat down for an interview to discuss the successful drama and how her co-star Yoo Seung Ho helped her out during filming.

The actress said:

“Both of us started out as child actors and acted in projects together when we were younger, thus it enabled us to have more meaningful conversations.”

She added:

“Having Yoo Seung Ho by my side is great, it’s a great source of strength for me. He helped me out a lot, he’s really good at carrying out any project he works on.”

She talked about their famous kiss scene and how much he helped her out during the filming of the scene, she said:

“It so awkward if you think about it, therefore I tried so hard to assume my character’s emotions while filming the scene.

Yoo Seung Ho also helped me set the atmosphere so I feel more comfortable during it.”

She was also asked if she was ever swayed by Yoo Seung Ho, she gave witty response because she named him her ideal type a while ago, she said:

“Aren’t all females are swoon by him.

While doing the drama, there are many moments when he comes off as a very cool oppa, so I was definitely swooned by him; however, we’re both actors we’re comfortable and friendly relationship.”

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