Kim So Hyun Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama

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Actress Kim So Hyun will appear in the new drama “Is It Coincidence?”

According to Kim So Hyun’s agency Leum Hashtag on September 27, Kim So Hyun has been cast as Lee Hong Joo, the main character of the new drama “Is It Coincidence?”

The drama will be based on Romance Webtoon’s signature work, “Is It Coincidence?”, which marks the beginning of the heyday for Naver Webtoon, the new drama of the same name, “Is It Coincidence?” depicts the story of coincidently finding first love from 10 years ago and young people moving forward in search of true love and dreams.

Director Song Hyun Wook, who has a reputation for his delicate and beautiful directing skills with dramas such as “The King’s Affection,” “Beauty Inside” and “Another Miss Oh,” is raising expectations.

Kim So Hyun plays the role of Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer who is afraid of love due to wounds from her previous love. Kim So Hyun, who has performed well in various works with different characters and has delicate acting skills, is expected to transform into an ordinary office worker in the drama and bring another character to life.

In particular, Kim So Hyun has shown off her presence in various works such as “The Tale of Nokdu,” “Love Alarm,” and “River Where The Moon Rises.”

The new drama “Is It Coincidence?” starring Kim So Hyun is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of this year.

Are you excited to see Kim So Hyun in this new drama?

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