Kim Seon Ho, Seo In Guk, Hwang Min Hyun, Lee Jae Wook And Kang Daniel Join The 2022 Asia Artist Awards Lineup

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The 2022 Asia Artist Awards has unveiled its star-studded lineup!

Kim Seon Ho, Seo In Guk, Hwang Min Hyun, Lee Jae Wook, and Kang Daniel have been confirmed to attend the 2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN (2022 AAA) on December 13 adding more shine to the ceremony.

Kim Seon Ho, who met the audience through this year’s play “Touching The Void”, will attend the 2022 AAA and meet the global fans. With the lead film “Sad Tropics” set to be released, he has recently made a heartwarming move by donating the full amount of the theater fee to victims who suddenly suffered damages due to Typhoon Hinnamor.

Seo In Guk, who is having a busier year than ever, has also joined the “2022 AAA” lineup. He recently met the viewers as Nam Han Jun, the main character of KBS 2TV’s drama “Café Minamdang,” which aired this summer, impressed the viewers as an actor of eight colors, by portraying the role of Park Jong Doo, the leader of a group of vicious criminals in film “Project Wolf Hunting.”

Hwang Min Hyun, who also exuded a strong presence as an actor, will also attend the “2022 AAA.”  He has been praised for his stable acting skills in this year’s tvN drama “Alchemy Of Souls,” and plans to captivate viewers with his more mature acting and charismatic visuals in “Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow,” which is scheduled to air in December. In particular, Hwang Min Hyun will also be the MC of the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE,” which will be held the day after the main award ceremony.

Lee Jae Wook, who won the Best Male Actor Award at the “2020 AAA,” will walk the red carpet of the “Asia Artist Awards” for the first time in two years. Lee Jae Wook, who plays the main character Jang Wook in this year’s drama “Alchemy Of Souls,” is expected to leave a strong impact on global fans based on his solid acting skills in “Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow,” which will air in December.

Kang Daniel, who is working hard this year both as a singer and actor, will also appear on the stage of “2022 AAA.” He released his first full-length album “The Story” in May, drawing attention from fans around the world. In addition, through the Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops,” which was released this year, he has continued his stable performance by receiving passing points as an actor.

The “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN” will be held on December 13 and the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” will be held at Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on December 14.

Are you excited to see them on “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN”?

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