[BREAKING] Kim Seon Ho Confirms He’s Actor K And Issues Formal Apology To His Ex-Girlfriend For His Actions

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Kim Seon Ho has finally issued a statement after it was rumored he was actor k who was accused by his ex-girlfriend of forcing abortion and for gaslighting. The actor has released a formal apology towards her and explained why he has been silent.

A couple of days ago, a woman named A wrote to Nate a community a post exposing a popular actor referred to as K. A titled the post, ‘exposing the duality and real shameless-self of actor k, who has recently risen to stardom.’ She claimed the actor gaslight her and forced her to get an abortion. Later, netizens started suspecting it was Kim Seon Ho based on her description.

To address the rumors, Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment initially put out a response stating they were confirming the rumors and will issue a follow-up statement shortly.

They have now issued a statement and relayed the actor’s apology as well, it reads,

Hello. This is Salt Entertainment.
We apologize for causing concern to many people due to the personal life of actor Kim Seon Ho.

We’d like to apologize to the many people who have been disappointed and harmed by this incident.

We apologize once again for any inconvenience caused. Here is the position of actor Kim Seon Ho.

The actor’s apology:

“Hello. This is Kim Seon Ho. I sincerely apologize for the late statement.

A few days ago, an article with my name was published and I am only now writing that after the fear I experiencing for the first time in my life.
I was seeing her with good feelings.

In that process, I hurt her with my negligence and carelessness. I wanted to meet her in person and apologize first but I am unable to properly convey the apology now and I am waiting for that time to come. For now, I would like to sincerely apologize to her through this statement.

I apologize for disappointing everyone who believed in me and supported me until the end. Because of the people who always support me, I was able to stand as an actor named Kim Seon Ho, but I had forgotten about that.

I would like to apologize for causing trouble to many people and to all the people involved in the production because of my flaws.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt.

I know that my rambling statement will not fully reach your hearts but I am still attempting to convey my sincere thoughts. I’m really sorry.”

The agency has also denied the actor’s contract is about to expire as some reports have claimed.

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