[BREAKING] Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Issues A Brief Response Addressing Rumors Connecting Him To ‘Actor K’ Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Allegations

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Kim Seon Ho has been linked to rumors by a woman who accused an actor of forcing her to get an abortion

Recently, a female netizen [referred to hereafter as A] wrote to Nate a community a post exposing a popular actor referred to as K. A titled the post, ‘exposing the duality and real shameless-self of actor k, who has recently risen to stardom.’

The post goes on to claim she had been dating the actor in question until a couple of months ago. A says she broke up with K about 4 months ago and explains she became pregnant after single unprotected intercourse. She was told she was physically weak to get pregnant since she was young [her chances of conceiving again were slim], thus, she wanted to deliver this baby. However, K objected and claimed he would be held liable for almost a million dollars in damage fines and he doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Also, he brought up how much of a shock this would cause his parents. He also said they would move in together next year.

After getting the abortion, A claims, ‘K sent me 2 million won for the abortion and I thought I would share that I have been in and out of the hospital so I spent him pictures of receipts showing how the money was spent. He flipped out like a mad man saying I was trying to make him feel guilty. He also started to make a big deal of our small things and threaten me.”

A explained that an entertainment news outlet then found out about their relationship, and K broke up with her through a phone call adding,

““He had promised to marry me and even coerced me to have the abortion.”

A also gave a hint about the actor stating that he’d been under fire for recently shouting on a TV show. She says unlike his likable character he is quite cruel and cold and would often badmouth his fellow co-stars, directors, and more.

When told to provide proof, she said she has many but wouldn’t do it due to fear of legal issues. A says she’s been struggling and has decided to write this after giving it much thought,

“I have been suffering from guilt and pain for over a year, and I am not writing this because I made an easy decision.”

Following that, people scrambled to find out who K was. Things got heated when Kim Seon Ho’s name was brought up because it fit the description. To make matters worse, a YouTuber journalist Lee Jin Ho held a live broadcast claiming the person in question is in fact Kim Seon Ho. The reporter also claimed his agency SALT Entertainment has also been aware of this issue.

Despite his agency not addressing the issue fully yet, brands began to distant themselves from him. ‘Domino’s Pizza and Food Bucket have already deleted or privated ads featuring the actor from their social media accounts.

An insider from one of the brands the actor models for said they were in a panic state and hoping the rumors to be proven false or else the damages will be severe.

Due to the mounting pressure, fans of Kim Seon Ho began demanding his agency to issue a response as soon as possible to address the rumors as they have begun to affect the actor deeply. Fans then proceeded to collectively release a statement via his gallery announcing their plans for strict legal action against the spreading of what they called ‘false rumors.’

SALT Entertainment was initially silent despite his name being mentioned in various news outlets’ articles. They have since issued a statement to address the rumors.

On October 19, SALT Entertainment issued a brief response to address the rumors, they stated,


This is Kim Seon Ho’s agency Salt Entertainment.

We would like to sincerely apologize for not having been able to issue a quicker response.

We are currently checking the contents of the anonymous post.

As the facts have not been cleared up yet, we earnestly ask you to wait a bit longer.

We apologize for worrying you with an unpleasant issue.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho has wrapped up his hit drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” last night.

This is a developing story please stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. 她尽然身体不好为什她没自己留下自己的孩子??married or not is another things … I mean this is actor or actress private life… sex is also done willingly at the stage where both are in love … Why turn things ugly ??

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