Kim Seon Ho Sobs And Apologizes As He Greets The Press In First Public Appearance Addressing The Controversy

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Kim Seon Ho is finally back to promotions as he sets to lead the new play “Touching The Void.”

In late 2021, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend; Choi Young Ah; came out with scathing allegations against him, she accused him of forcing her to have an abortion and of gaslighting her. It ended with Kim Seon Ho’s apology and admission to what she wrote. Subsequently, Kim Seon Ho was dropped from his upcoming projects and lost many of his existing advertisement deals.

Things changed when on October 26 of 2021 Dispatch released the full record of what they claim to be the timeline of Kim Seon Ho’s relationship with his ex. This led to the public shifting gears and siding with him. On November 1 of 2021, they also came back with a new report that further discredits her post. Despite getting cleared from the allegations against him, he’s been out of the limelight since the incident happened. Things changed when earlier in 2022, it was confirmed he would be leading an upcoming play called “Touching The Void.”

On July 20, Kim Seon Ho appeared before reporters first ahead of the press event for the play. This marked his first public appearance since the controversy.

Kim Seon Ho held a handwritten letter in his hands and said,

I thought it was the right thing to do, so I came out alone first. I am a little nervous, so I wrote this because I thought I would go in tangents. I hope you can understand me with an open mind.”

After a moment of silence, Kim Seon Ho began reading his letter, he said,

I am very sorry and I apologize for sharing this at the press call event. Many people worked hard from the spring to summer to make this play happen. I’m sorry as I feel I am causing hindrance to everyone.”

Kim Seon Ho began shedding tears. He added,

I am truly sorry for causing concern to many people with bad news. Looking back on my time, I have reflected a lot on my shortcomings. All I can say is that I will strive to become a better actor and a better person. I’m sorry.”

Kim Seon Ho began sobbing after reading his letter. Many fans were heartbroken to hear he cried while addressing the press.

His play will be in theaters from 8th of this month to the 18th of September.

You can check out a clip of his acting in the play below!

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