Kim Seo Hyung’s Upcoming Drama “Paper Moon” Unveils First Official Poster And Trailer

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The new drama “Paper Moon” has released the first official poster and trailer featuring  Kim Seo Hyung.

The original Genie TV drama “Paper Moon” is a suspense drama in which Yoo Yi Hwa (Kim Seo Hyung), who lived a suffocating daily life, faces an irreversible moment when she embezzles money from VIP customers of the bank.

In the teaser poster released, Yoo Yi Hwa is heading somewhere by subway wearing a banker’s uniform. Kim Seo Hyung’s look in this drama is different from the faces she has shown so far, drawing attention.

On top of that, Yu Yi Hwa’s eyes, which look sad somewhere, along with the phrase, “Abandoning the Real Me for Fake Happiness,” are catching attention. Her story of breaking away from her daily life as a housewife and entering a new society raises curiosity.

The teaser trailer released together depicts a daily life that is gradually reversed by repeated accidental encounters with a person. Since then, Kim Seo Hyung’s appearance of walking into the hotel, and looking at someone faintly, expresses the inner side of Yu Yi Hwa, who is shaking dangerously, raising tension.

Check out the trailer below:

In addition, Kim Seo Hyung provides thrilling suspense by performing a facial expression that goes back and forth in a one-minute trailer, from smiling alone with her face buried and a bundle of money in her hand at the bank.

Meanwhile, “Paper Moon” will be released for the first time in April this year and will be available on Genie TV, ENA, and TVING

Are you excited for this drama?

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