Kim Seo Hyung Confirmed To Lead New Drama

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Kim Seo Hyung is leading the upcoming drama “It May Be A Little Spicy Today”!

On March 25, it was confirmed that Kim Seo Hyung will be leading the new upcoming Watcha’s drama “It May Be A Little Spicy Today.”

“It May Be A Little Spicy Today” is a drama that tells the story of a husband who prepares food for his wife who was diagnosed with colon cancer after their divorce. It is based on a book of the same name written by Kang Chang Rae, the book talks about the author’s own sad and beautiful story.

Kim Seo Hyung will play Da Chang, she is a president of a publishing company who after being diagnosed with colon cancer, starts preparing for the end of her life. The husband is played by Han Suk Kyu who previously starred in “Dr. Romantc.”

Kim Seo Hyung is most-known for her memorable role in JTBC’s hit drama “Sky Castle, and the movie “The Villainess.”

Are you excited to watch Kim Seo Hyung in this drama?

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