Kim Sae Ron Reportedly Pays $15,000 In Repairs For The Transformer She Wrecked While Drunk Driving

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Kim Sae Ron is in the process of settling with the people she affected by her drunk driving.

Recently,, it was revealed that Kim Sae Ron was caught by police drunk driving. The actress was revealed to have caused damage to the surrounding buildings and a traffic light since she hit a transformer. This was followed by a statement by her agency acknowledging the drunk driving, the actress has also released a personal apology letter and stepped down from one of her upcoming dramas.

In her personal apology, she said she would be doing her best to reimburse people for the damages she caused.

On May 23, Korea Electric Power Corporation confirmed that Kim Sae Ron paid about 20 million won [$15,820] to replace the transformer she hit. They also said she had reached out first to reimburse them for the damages.

Since she’s also caused damages to the people around the transformer as their businesses were affected by the power cut, it is said she’s also settling with the affected citizen. According to media reports, approximately 50 places including four nearby buildings, a traffic light, and a streetlamp lost electricity as a result of the accident. The agency said in a statement that they will do their best in order to compensate the businesses and people for the damages.

Meanwhile, its been reported that Kim Sae Ron’s blood test results will come out on June 1st.

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