Kim Sae Ron’s Side Insists She’s Suffering Hardships Working Part-time After Recent Cafe Part-time Controversy

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Actress Kim Sae Ron‘s side once again talked about hardships in her life.

On March 14th, Asia Economy reported a phone call with Min Ki Ho, an attorney in charge of Kim Sae Ron’s defense.

According to this, Attorney Min said that Kim Sae Ron is working part-time for living expenses and that she is in a situation where she has a lot of debt due to the considerable amount of penalty due to a drunk driving accident.

All of her income so far has been spent on her parents’ business funds and living expenses for her family, and she is at a loss as to how to pay off the debt she owes from her agency as she has no choice but to make a living by working part-time, he added.

Kim Sae Ron had virtually no property at the time of the accident, and the apartment that was revealed through an entertainment program in the past was rented as a house in the name of her agency.

In addition, Kim Sae Ron explained that the agency compensated the victims, such as nearby merchants, with the charter deposit, and since the charter deposit alone could not cover the amount of compensation, the difference had to be resolved with the agency’s money.

However, there was no particular statement regarding the part-time job at a franchise cafe that has recently caused controversy.

In May of last year, Kim Sae Ron crashed into a roadside tree and a transformer while driving drunk near the Hakdong Intersection in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The accident damaged a transformer and cut off the electricity supply to 57 places, including nearby shops, but it was restored in about three hours.

Immediately after the accident, the police were dispatched, but Kim Sae Ron refused to measure her blood alcohol level at the scene and requested a blood test. A blood test later confirmed that her blood alcohol level was about 0.2%, at the level of license revocation.


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