Kim Sae Ron Admits To Drunk Driving In Official Apology Statement Released By Her Agency

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Kim Sae Ron’s agency has released a new statement addressing her DUI.

On May 18, a source from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a statement to announce that around 8 a.m. KST in the district of Cheongdam in Gangnam, Kim Sae Ron was booked for driving under the influence. She crashed into a structure and when police measured her alcohol content at the scene, she requested to get a blood test, thus, she was taken to the hospital.

When more details about the accident was revealed, netizens were shocked. It was revealed that she caused damages to the businesses and citizens with the accident.

On May 19, GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released a statement, read it below!

“Hello. This is GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment.

First of all, we apologize for the delay in the official position because it took us some time to grasp the exact facts.

We sincerely apologize for the concern caused by the accident caused by the drunk driving of our actress Kim Sae Ron.

Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting on her mistakes. In addition, she expressed her sincere apology to the many people who suffered damage and inconvenience from this and to all those who were working hard to restore the damaged public facilities, she promised to do her best to recover the damages.

Kim Sae Ron was returned home after a blood test test yesterday (18th), and will faithfully participate in police investigations afterwards.

We also feel deeply responsible for the occurrence of such an incident. Once again, we apologize to everyone who suffered from inconvenience due to this situation. We will do our best to communicate and actively solve it.

We will try to be more careful in managing our artists to prevent this from happening. Once again, we apologize for causing concern.”

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