Kim Min Kyo Dogs Attack A Woman In Her 80s Without Leash Severely Injuring Her (She Was Sent To The ICU)

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Korean Actor Kim Min Kyo is currently under heavy fire for the actions of his dogs.

On May 10, a Korean news outlet reported that Kim Min Kyo dogs (both weigh over 20 kg/ 40 lb) attacked a woman in her 80s; she was working in her garden when she was attacked.

The dogs had reportedly jumped over the fence and attacked her; she was bit on both arms and on her thigh by the two dogs. According to several witnesses, the dogs had no leash or muzzles on. The attack had reportedly happened on the 4th of May.

The woman spent time in the ICU and was recently moved to a regular hospital room.

Kim Min Kyo had previously appeared on a variety show on Channel A with his dogs and introduced them.

According to news outlet OSEN, they have been attempting to get in contact with Kim Min Kyo to no avail, he’s not answering his phone at all and he’s currently not housed by an agency so there isn’t an easy way to contact him for a statement.

Shortly after the news went viral in South Korea, Kim Min Kyo turned his Instagram account private after several netizens began asking him to clarify and release a statement.

Kim Min Kyo has not issued an official response yet.

Stay tuned for an update!

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