“Nevertheless” Actor Kim Min Gwi Admits To Cheating On His Girlfriend Of 6 Years After She Blasts Him Online For His Behavior

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Kim Min Gwi admits to cheating on his ex-girlfriend of six years.

A couple of days ago someone shared an online post titled [I will be revealing the truth behind the male actor in the drama “nevertheless”], the post has gone viral.

The poster only mentioned the drama by its initials but later it was discovered that she was referring to Kim Min Gwi.

The poster (hereafter known as “A”) claims that she was his ex-girlfriend and that they had dated for six years. She alleges that when they were dating he would go to nightclubs and have one-night stands, she says he cheated on her with multiple women.

Added to that, when he was classified as close contact to someone of a covid-19 case, she claims he violated the restrictions and cheated on her again. He had to remain in self-quarantine during that period.

A also said that he had not told her about being in close contact with a covid-19 case at the first. Furthermore, she claims that when he was caught cheating, he asked her to lie for him and say that she was his ex-girlfriend because all of his modeling contacts know the Other Woman as his current girlfriend.

A said that after she broke up with him when she contacted the other woman he had cheated on with her, he responded by swearing at her and asked her if she wanted to mooch off of him now that he’s finding success.

A writes, ‘the person who was mooching off of her for the past six years was the actor.’ She added,

“Don’t you dare contact me asking me to take down this post.”

For evidence of her claims, she shared photos she had taken with him as well as text message conversations.

Later, Kim Min Gwi admitted to cheating on his ex-girlfriend but denied breaking covid-19 safety protocol during his self-quarantine.

On July 26, his agency responded with an official statement after checking the facts of the allegations. Kim Min Gwi himself has admitted to cheating, he is currently deeply reflecting on his immature judgment and actions of inflicting pain on the victim.

The agency also apologized for causing public concern with his private actions, however, in regards to the allegations of the actor breaking covid-19 safety protocols by leaving his quarantine location without permission they stated that it was not true.

Kim Min Gwi was in self-quarantine since May 22 after he was tested since he came into close contact with somebody who tested positive for the virus. He has been focusing on receiving treatment and has completely recovered.

Kim Min Gwi is currently starting in the JTBC drama “Nevertheless,” fans wonder how this might affect the drama.

Stay tuned for more updates!

What do you think of his behavior? are you shocked?

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