Kim Kyung Nam Exposed By Neighbor For Making Noises Constantly, Actor Apologizes

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Rising actor Kim Kyung Nam is currently under fire for his actions.

On the morning of December 16, a person [hereafter named A] posted to an online community page, the post was titled, ‘The noise problem of the famous celebrity next door… I should take this to the end, right?’

A says the actor moved in next door last year, and always calls his friends on the phone in the early hours of the morning, and makes noise two to three times weekly. Despite A asking his manager to pay attention to the noise and cut it down, nothing changed, A also attempted to talk to the actor and that didn’t work either. A said they were told to contact head of the management office again and the office were told to just call the police.

A said the actor was a famous one who appeared on “I Live Alone” recently and that they’ve also left him comments on his Instagram asking him to be quiet. Later, fans found a comment on Kim Kyung Nam’s Instagram by a netizen asking him to be quiet and stop causing a disturbance at night. A wrote,

“I am leaving a message at 3:30 a.m. This is the last request. I woke up from sleeping at this time. You’re Calling an acquaintance and making noise loudly. Now, like the manager said, I will call the police.”

According to, Kim Kyung Nam’s agency confirmed he was the actor in question and said that he’s met the neighbor and apologized in person, adding,

“Actor Kim Kyung Nam will also be more careful as to not to let this happen again in the future.”

Kim Kyung Nam is currently busy filming for his upcoming drama “The One and Only” which airs on December 20.

K-netizens have been criticizing him heavily for causing such a disturbance to A.

Source: (A)

By Hilda Moore

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  1. Some neighbours can also be a nightmare to live with and they can make your life unbearable. I had a neighbour who was complaining that he was hearing our boiler working during the night, and that it was waking him up. We checked and rechecked that boiler, called maintenance all the time who did not find any problem with it. The boiler was not waking us, people living in the apartment where the boiler was, up so how it could have waken him up? But he kept complaining. The guy was “hearing noises”. So, you know – not saying that KKN wasn’t making noises but the netizens should be careful before they start criticising everyone and believing all that neighbour was saying. People who are really disturbed by the noises, just call the police instead of posting messages on instagrams. My two cents…

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