Kim Jung Hyun Keeps His Promise, Revealed To Have Apologized To “Time” PD

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Kim Jung Hyun has kept his promise in the apology letter he’s written last month!

Kim Jung Hyun has been wrapped up in controversy for the past month, it started with his dating rumors, then extended to a potential signing with another agency which led to a contract dispute issue with his current agency regarding his contract duration. The contract duration issue is related to his sudden departure from the 2018 drama “Time” which also led him to take an 11-month hiatus, his agency argues his contract should reflect that hiatus period.

On May 12, his legal representative stated his contract has expired and they will be suing the agency for defamation and the spread of false information.

The actor had previously revealed his personal statement through an apology letter last month, he wrote,

“I believe I should pay a visit to each and every “time” staff member and to everyone who was hurt by me personally and apologize to them. Even if it takes a long time, I will go to the director and screenwriter of “Time,” the actors, and all of the staff members who worked [on “Time”] and ask for forgiveness.”

On May 12, it was also revealed through news outlets that Kim Jung Hyun had visited the director of “Time” to apologize, Jang Jun Ho PD had reportedly even said he’d like to work with the actor again soon for his next project. Regarding this, MBC stated that nothing is confirmed yet.

According to the report, the PD was also aware of Kim Jung Hyun health problems.

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