Kim Jung Hyun Transforms Into A Warrior And Doctor In First Ever Still Cuts Of Highly Anticipated Upcoming Drama

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MBC TV unveils the first look of the upcoming drama “Kokdu: Season Of Deity” featuring Kim Jung Hyun’s new look.

On December 15, MBC TV drama “Kokdu: Season Of Deity” unveiled a still cut of  Kim Jung Hyun, the main character. In the still cut, Kim Jung Hyun is seen wearing a warrior’s outfit and in another one, he’s staring somewhere in a doctor’s gown.

Check out the still cut below!

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Kokdu: Season Of Deity” is a fantasy romance drama in which an afterlife guide, Kkok Du, who comes down to the earth every 99 years to punish humans, meets the mysteriously skilled doctor, Han Gye Jeol, and works as a visiting doctor. It shows a special romance story between the afterlife and present life.

Kim Jung Hyun plays the role of Kkok Du, an ill-tempered guide of the underworld. Kkok Du is an underworld god who leads the deceased into the underworld and in this world, he has to enter inside the human body that looks exactly like him, find evil humans, and repeat murder as a punishment for angering the Creator of the world, and while the reason why he is suffering from the pain is still veiled, attention is focused on whether Kkok Du, who will possess the human Do Jin Woo will be able to release the curse.

The production team said, “Please look forward to what kind of incident the underworld guide that enters Do Jin Woo’s body to break the hard fate will face as they are intertwined with the Mysterious Han Gye Jeol.”

“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on January 27 next year.

Are you excited to see him in this drama?

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