“Mine” Actress Kim Jung Hwa Responds To Her Husband’s Discriminatory And Harsh Remarks Regarding Her Lesbian Character In The Drama

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“Mine” Actress Kim Jung Hwa has issued a response to the comments made by her husband!

Actress Kim Jung Hwa plays the role of a lesbian in the hit tvN drama “Mine.” She has been receiving praise for her acting despite her limited appearance on the show. The issue began when her husband Yoo Eun Sung attempted to defend her online from comments by his and her fans but it snowballed into something different.

Yoo Eun Sung is known for being a Christian singer and composer, his fans began to comment about his wife’s character and he attempted to explain the character and left several replies on several netizen’s comments, the one that gained the most attention and backlash was this one,

‘I couldn’t tell you more because I’d spoil the story, it’s about a person suffering from a situation and eventually goes back to normal. Its not homosexual. My wife also had lots of worries about the role, but thank you for your interest. It seems the production team is doing noise marketing with homosexuality. My wife and I are against homosexuality.”

Due to his comments which some labeled homophobic, he began to receive backlash. He also received backlash for his comments on the production team and the script, many netizens believe he was rude and potentially has spoiled months of work on the drama by revealing a possible spoiler. He’s since deleted the comments and privated his Instagram due to the backlash.

The issue gained attention and his wife had to issue a response to his remarks, Kim Jung Hwa’s agency apologized for causing concern but denied to make any other official statement on the subject,

“We apologize for the inconvenience. We ask for your understanding as it is difficult to state an official position on the matter.”

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