Kim Ji Hoon Praises Lee Joon Gi’s Passion And Hard Work On The Set Of “Flower Of Evil”

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Kim Ji Hoon recently sat down for an interview to discuss his thoughts on “Flower Of Evil” and talked about his fellow cast mates.

Kim Ji Hoon played the villain role in the drama who finds himself attempting to hide his crimes from Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi characters. He made a splash with his role and gained praise for his acting chops.

Kim Ji Hoon opened up about how he felt working with Lee Joon Gi, he said,

“I enjoyed acting with Lee Joon Gi, every moment I spent acting with him was enjoyable, he is such a sincere actor with so much passion.

I think you can feel mentally happy doing something you love even if you’re physically exhausted, and I think that both I and Lee Joon Gi felt the same way when we were acting together.

… I learned a lot from him as I saw how he, as the star of the show, kept up the mood on the set and was a leader.”

Kim Ji Hoon says Lee Joon Gi pays a lot of attention to the details and puts everything into his project,

“He’s someone I learned a lot from. We knew each other before the drama, but now that we’ve worked together, I’ve come to sincerely respect him.”

Kim Ji Hoon also talked about his character parents played by Son Jong Hak and Nam Gi Ae, he also praised both actors saying they put their energy into acting and were very immersed in their roles, he says he felt energetic working with them.

What did you think of Kim Ji Hoon’s performance in “Flower Of Evil”?

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My Personal Thoughts

I’ve heard a lot of actors talk about how Lee Joon Gi keeps the mood good on set, he’s truly a leader. I didn’t expect Kim Ji Hoon to phrase it so similar to what I’ve previously said. If you guys remember, in my review of “Flower Of Evil,” I talked about how visible it was that Lee Joon Gi legitimately loves his job.

I can clearly sense it and I think anyone who pays enough attention or watches any Lee Joon Gi drama can easily tell. He’s been around for close to two decades but he still has that spark in his eyes when he’s acting.

“Flower Of Evil” was an intense drama and an intense experience, to everyone involved, this must’ve been both physically and mentally tiring. It’s not easy to be so emotional in many scenes; all the actors did so well.

Kim Ji Hoon’s performance is definitely one of the drama’s highlights and his demeanor as the villain was fun to watch. I don’t get scared easily because I watch a lot of horror but the look in his eyes when he pauses was unsettling and disturbin. Coming from someone who watched every gore horror movie you could name, that’s something. I bet those who don’t regularly watch horror would find Kim Ji Hoon’s performance terrifying. He’s definitely on my radar now; I hope he picks another villain role because he’s so darn good but even if he doesn’t I’m still watching his next project.

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