Kim Hyun Joo And Park Hee Soon’s Upcoming Drama “Trolley” Unveils First Teaser Poster

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SBS’s upcoming drama “Trolley” is gearing up for its premiere by releasing the first poster.

On November 25, SBS drama “Trolley” released the main poster. The poster shows the affectionate scene of actors Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon. The two are seen hugging each other and looking at the same place with empty and lonely eyes. Check out the poster below!

“Trolley” is a mystery melodrama about the story when the secrets of a wife of an assembly member who hides her past get revealed to the world. It depicts the psychology of characters in confusion and conflict in front of options without answers.

Actress Kim Hyun Joo plays Kim Hye Joo, a bookkeeper, and lawyer Nam Joong Do’s wife. She wants to live a normal life, so she doesn’t show up as a politician’s wife. Through unexpected events, long-standing secrets are revealed and their life comes under crisis.

Park Hee Soon plays Kim Hye Joo’s husband, Nam Joong Do. Nam Joong Do is a lawyer-turned-assembly member and a person who has worked hard to represent the socially disadvantaged. Kim Hye Joo’s life has been separated from political activities to keep his promise to his wife. After his wife’s secret is revealed to the world, he faces another inflection point.

The production team said, “Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon are the reasons for waiting for ‘Trolley’ and the point to watch. We will prove the true value of actors to trust and watch any work with their perfect acting synergy.”

The first episode will air at 10 p.m. on December 19.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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