Kim Hee Sun’s Revenge Plan Begins In New Poster For Upcoming Netflix Drama

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Netflix has released a new exciting poster for their upcoming drama “The Bride of Black”!

“The Bride of Black” tells the story of an exclusive matchmaking agency Rex, it caters to the upper members of society. The members of the service aim to upgrade their social status by marrying into the elites, in particular, those listed under the “Black” tier, an elite group that consists only of the top 0.001% of society.

Kim Hee Sun will play Seo Hye Seung, a woman who jumped into the marriage business between the upper classes for revenge. She will be reunited now with the man who ruined her life at the matchmaking agency Rex and participates in the race of desire to take revenge on him.

The newly released poster shows Seo Hye Seung wearing a white wedding dress and a black veil, her cold eyes are filled with anger and determination to take revenge on the man who ruined her life. In addition, the text reads, “Her revenge begins,” symbolizing Hye Seung’s burning desire to take revenge and making viewers look forward to how the story will unfold.

“The Bride of Black” is set to premiere on July 15.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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