Kim Hee Sun, Jung Yoo Jin, And Cha Ji Yeon Show Unique Auras In Upcoming Drama “Remarriage & Desires”

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Netflix has released new stills featuring Kim Hee Sun, Jung Yoo Jin, and Cha Ji Yeon for their upcoming drama “Remarriage and Desires”!

“Remarriage and Desires” tells the story of an exclusive matchmaking agency Rex, it caters to the upper members of society. The members of the service aim to upgrade their social status by marrying into the elites, in particular, those listed under the “Black” tier, an elite group that consists only of the top 0.1% of society.

Kim Hee Sun will play Seo Hye Seung, a woman who loses her husband, who was having an affair and requested a divorce, and everything that she has ever loved in an instant. She now struggles to start a new life with her daughter and is unable to overcome the shock of the events that she went through. She then learns that Jin Yoo Hee (Jung Yoo Jin), the one who was the reason behind her husband’s death and who ruined hers and her daughter’s life is trying to enter Rex and is looking to enter the high class society, she plans for her revenge.  

Jung Yoo Jin will play Jin Yoo Hee, a woman who destroys anything that is in front of her to get what she wants. She now is trying to enter the high class society at Rex to her improve her status. However, Seo Hye Seung, who knows her past, will be an obstacle for her.   

Cha Ji Yeon will play Choi Yoo Seon, the CEO of Rex which is an upper-class marriage matchmaking company. Her agency Rex has risen to the top of the industry following the firm logic that “Marriage is a business where supply and demand meet” and services that accurately understand what customers need. Yoo Seon is not afraid to use people’s greed and desires to marry someone from the “Black” tier (Which is 0.1% of the population) for her benefit.

“Remarriage and Desires” is set to premiere on July 15.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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