Kim Dong Wook Renews Contract With His Current Agency For The Third Time

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Actor Kim Dong Wook has renewed his third consecutive contract with his agency KeyEast.

On January 12, KeyEast announced that Kim Dong Wook has renewed the contract with them for the third time based on trust.

The following is the full statement of KeyEast!

 “Actor Kim Dong Wook, who captivated fans as well as the public with his versatile acting skills with a wide range regardless of genre and character, renewed his contract with KeyEast. We will support him to continue his wide-ranging activities in the future as we have renewed our third contract with Kim Dong Wook based on trust stronger than anyone and have built up respect under a true partnership.”

Kim Dong Wook played the role of Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist, in tvN’s “You Are My Spring,” where he showed sweet and sentimental romance acting, with his lovely charm changing emotions from a serious and mature kind in a novice romance. Kim Dong Wook’s realistic acting, where his every hand gesture expresses something in detail, drew sympathy and favorable reviews from viewers, showing a variety of charms that have not been seen before.

In the original TVING series “The King of Pigs,” he played Hwang Kyung min, who became a serial killer after being a victim of school violence as a child where he demonstrates his character’s psychological state by expressing his dry but cold eyes with detailed emotional acting, as well as revenge and small changes in emotions.

In KBS2’s new drama “Run Into You,” which is set to be released in the first half of 2023, the public is already paying keen attention to the role of Yoon Hae Joon, who was born in a wealthy family and grew up with an easy and cool-headed personality and is known to show a different time-slip story of finding the truth of past serial murders.

Regardless of genre or character, he not only surprises the public with his unlimited immersive acting but also appears in Coupang Play’s “SNL Korea” with his unique playful charm, making fans excited with his every move.

Meanwhile, KeyEast, with which Kim Dong Wook signed his third contract, is a comprehensive entertainment group, raising their status as an actor management master and content producer, which is home to Kang Na Sung, Kim Seo Hyung, Moon Ga Young, Woo Do Hwan, and Hwang In Yeop.

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